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    hello everyone right there , im'n planning to own a new mac . Actually im'n a student and need to give presentations in my college . So what if there is no iwork software in any of those computers ? should i have to change it and do with a microsoft or will my project work in without any software installed. Only microsoft are available over there.And imn not at intrested in switching back to it , So help me guys.

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    You can do your work in Keynote on your Mac, and then save a copy of it as a PowerPoint presentation. As long as you do not use any features that are only in Keynote, it should transfer over fine.

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    I have Microsoft Ofiice 2011 for mac! It is much more advanced than the windows version! I wouldn't bother with iWork get Office for mac! It is 110 for 3 users! on 3 different macs!

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    I wouldn't go so far as to say Office 2011 is more advanced than the Windows version. I have both Office 2011 and Office 2010. While 2011 is catching up, it's not there yet.

    To the OP:

    Do as Chef suggested. You can buy Keynote as a separate application from the Apple app store. ($19.99) The caveat is that you must be running Snow Leopard 10.6.6 to access the Apple app store.

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    Personally, I would again advocate for using Office for Mac. Being in a college environment myself, I often have group assignments where other group members use some power features of Office (such as marking changes and commenting in MS Word, complex formulae in Excel or sophisticated Powerpoint layouts).

    These features will not work reliably in iWork - trust me, I've tried. Don't get into the compatibility hassle and get Office. It's a good suite, though maybe a bit more pricey than the iWork apps.
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    When exporting from Keynote to Powerpoint, you will have to run it on a PC and check that all of your builds and transitions still work as you want them to. If you're going to be doing this alot, you'd be better off getting MS Office or look at NeoOffice or OpenOffice, both Mac equivalents and both free.

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