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boarderjosh10 08-12-2005 02:00 AM

iTunes Question
I was wondering is there a way in itunes so that it makes a playlist for each one of my artists, ie. a playlist called AC/DC containing all of my AC/DC songs, and then a playlist called Aerosmith, and so on...
I think I would like that better because I have about 13,000 songs, and It seems like It would scroll easier if I could Have each artist as a playlist. Is there a script somewhere I can download or something?


Aptmunich 08-12-2005 02:24 AM


You do know about the browse view right?
If you're in your library, hit the eye icon at the top right corner.
That'll open the 'browse' view, which basically shows all your genres, artists and albums in a list like the one you described...

iWhat 08-12-2005 10:45 PM

Well, you could do a smart playlist. Go the menu bar, File, New Smart Playlist. In the first drop down menu select "Artist", select "contains", and then input the artist's name. You can set more criteria, if you would like to exclude more of the songs by the artist. As you continue to add more songs by this artist in the future, the smart playlist will update live without any intervention by you.

I use a smart playlist to find the last 50 songs I imported, so they are easier to find, if I forget to place them into a playlist.

FishinFool 08-12-2005 10:50 PM

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Well I did it manually and it took awhile but its really convenient

iWhat 08-12-2005 11:02 PM

Uh-oh, I'm too late. Sorry! :(

FishinFool 08-12-2005 11:12 PM


Originally Posted by iWhat
Uh-oh, I'm too late. Sorry! :(

LOL :headphone

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