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    Old Game in Mac OS X
    I am fairly new to the mac world and I would like to buy few of my favorite windows games for my PowerMac G5. But when I tried installing the SIms it said something about I didnt have MacOs 9 installed. I dont have it installed, but I have OS X tiger. What do I need to do, I was looking to buy the Age of Empires game but th system rquirements say that it needs Mac OS 8.6+. Will I encounter the same problem when I try to play the game? Do I need to buy Mac OS 9 and run it like a regular app, where can I get it since it seems like nobody carries it anymore.


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    Here's what I know...

    You need to install what is known as classic (bear with me i'm new to this too), which is OX 9. The installation should be on DVD 2 of the system DVDs that came with your system. I was going to do this but I don't of the possible hazzards to doing this because in the install it basically says "install at your own risk." If anyone could please inform both of us more on this topic I would appreciate it.

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    It was actually on Disk 3, and I was able to install it and it worked so thank you very much, it looks like I will be stopping at compusa tomorrow to get Age of Empires! OS 9 was incredibly easy to install, it basically did it itself and then I told it to run under the OS 9 settings in System Preferences.


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    There is nothing wrong with installing OS 9 on your mac, either the full or classic mode. Older macs can boot up into OS 9 if it is installed. Classic is like an OS 9 that runs within OS X.

    When OS X 10.0 came out, in my opinion, it was a disaster. The operating system was buggy, and crashed often. In order for the computer it ran on to be usable, it had to be able to boot up into OS 9. OS X was quickly brought back into shape, to become one of the best, most stable OSes out there. But, lots of people had OS 9 software around, that would otherwise have been unusable, had not macs been allowed to run OS 9 in the convenient classic mode.

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    There should also be patches out for most older games (incl. the sims) that lets you run them directly under OS X, without starting classic.

    Check the makers website or for a patch.

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