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    "Open in Dashboard" feature isn't working
    I'm trying to create a Pandora widget using Safari's "Open in Dashboard..." but every time it creates a widget it turns out as a plain white box and can't do anything but be deleted. Anyone know why this awesome OSX feature isn't working for me? thanks

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    Actually it worked for me after I left it alone for a minute, but only played while the Dashboard was open. I did some more Googling and found more specific instructions on how to get it working more appropriately, and it now loads immediately and plays with the Dashboard closed.
    How to make a Pandora Widget in OS X |

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    I actually already read that, but thanks! I left the widget open for about an hour and it was still a white box. I made a simple one off of the main apple website and it was also a white box...I don't understand why this feature isn't working for me

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    Ok, thanks to Anonymous at MacWorld via this link I found that the default style of Safari was messing it up. Go to Safari->Preferences->Advanced->Style Sheet and make sure "None selected" is selected. That worked for me!

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