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minfingr 01-06-2011 09:24 PM

mac app store and the iphone/ipad app store
I don't know why this hasn't been mentioned by apple or anyone with the launch of the mac app store. im actually quite frustrated that ive been searching EVERYWHERE and can't find an answer to this.. a very simple concept that was covered in detail when the ipad and it's app store came out.

how does the new mac app store work with the iphone/ipad app store? are they completely seperate? or can you buy and iphone/ipad app and then download the mac version from the mac app store? or vice versa? are they 'connected' like the ipad/iphone app store? with either universal or updated versions of certain apps. i don't know if ive asked this clearly enough. can i buy a mac app then download it for free on my iphone or ipad?

this was a clear feature when the ipad came out. one of the biggest things was you could use iphone apps on it, blown up, or universal/hd versions. NO mention of this with the mac app store. why? even a yes or no!? so STUPID! the fact that this exists suggests that you can download and use iphone apps on your mac, since its the same model and they did that when the ipad came out, so why not with the mac? They could say SOMETHING!? the fact that it's called "app store" suggests in itself that its just an expansion of the original app store like what happened with the ipad app store. and therefore you can use iphone/ipad apps on a mac and vice versa. retarded that they aren't mentioning anything about it. it's a pretty huge factor that will play into anyone's use of the mac app store and should have been clarified right off the bat. what a horribly small but HUGE detail they've forgotten about. so painfully simple and should have been one of the first things mentioned about the new mac app store like it was when the ipad app store was released.

/rant! ANY help is appreciated.

iZach 01-06-2011 09:46 PM

Simply put- no
Mac apps and iphone apps are totally different, since they are designed to run on different operating systems. Only a few of the items in the mac app store are available for the iphone as well because the developers decided to build versions for both. The ipad and iphone run different versions of the SAME operating system, so they can run the same apps for the most part.

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