Hi all,

First time poster here & a brand new Mac (MacBook) user (I have 20+ years PC experience & many quals for PC but am still learning to fully use the Mac).

I guess the nature of this thread is to ask advice about getting some Mac equivalent programs that we used on Windows PCs.

Specifically at this point anyway:

"MS Paint" equivalent - my daughter wants a program that allows her to 'copy & paste' artwork, photos, screen-captures, etc into it & use her graphics tablet in it

"Nero Express" equivalent - something easy to burn data, audio & video to CDs & DVDs

"ColorPix equivalent" - a free 'colour picker' that shows the hex values of any pixel (with RGB & CMYK would be nice)

"Audiograbber" equivalent (by Jackie Franks) - would this be "Handbrake"?

"Easy Thumbnails" equivalent - a bulk "thumbnail" creator
Easy Thumbnails

"Canasta" - card game

I am sure that there will be more that we will discover but the above is a starting place for us.

Freeware would be nice

But above all I am after personal recommendations of what has been "tried & tested" by members.

While "Google is my friend" I could spend hours sorting through junk & I don't want to be installing & un-installing useless programs.

Cheers & thanks in advance for you help & recommendations.