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Thread: Waking up to a refreshed podcast?

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    Waking up to a refreshed podcast?

    I have been using both iTunes Alarm 2.1.2 and Alarm Clock 2.4.5.

    I'm trying to configure one of them to let me wake up to a podcast that refreshes itself overnight (the NY Times Front Page podcast). So far, I can set it to open a specific file (e.g., this morning's podcast), but is there a way I can set it to open the latest episode (e.g., tomorrow morning's podcast)?

    I've tried putting the podcast in a playlist, but I only drag the file, not the recurring subscription.

    iTunes updates the podcast automatically each night, downloading the latest one and discarding the older one. Any way to tell the alarm app to play just the latest?


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    Maybe you could make a Automator work flow to open iTunes and refresh the podcast? I am not the best at Automator, but other members know how to use it extremely well. Good luck!

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