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edkz 01-05-2011 02:18 PM

Error Message in Word related to Hard Disk
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I've attached a screen of two messages that come up very frequently as I'm working on Word. They seem to have no impact on my performance, ability to save, or my Time Machine backups. However, they are worrisome and annoying because they seem to pop up about every minute or so and then I have to acknowledge the message before moving on.

I've also attached a screen shot of my Mac HD so you can see that I have plenty of space left on my Hard disk.

Help would be much appreciated!

chscag 01-05-2011 02:36 PM

Something may not be right with your hard drive. It appears there should be room since you have around 80 GB free space remaining. Unless the drive is partitioned, you should have enough free space for Word to use.

Do this to verify and check the hard drive:

Boot your machine with the original install DVD. (Hold down C key as soon as you hear the chime)

Do not allow the installation program to continue, instead click on the top menu Utilities, and select Disk Utility. Now highlight your hard drive on the left side of the screen by clicking on the item that shows drive capacity.

From the right side of the screen, select the First Aid tab. Now select verify and repair. If errors appear, allow the program to repair them and continue the process until all errors are cleared. You can also choose to repair permissions from here as well. That may take some time to complete which is normal.

Report back results.

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