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    Sync Mail with multiple macs with dropbox
    Can this be done?

    I switched from a PC to Mac and love it. I went from Outlook to Apple (Mac) Mail, calendar, and contacts because of its simplicity.

    I have a 27" at work, 20" at home and 13" macbook pro for travel.

    Can I sync my Mail - including sent, received (9 emails), Folders - rules (14) with my computers with Dropbox???

    If so, what folders/files do I need to sync????

    Once synced will, when I open my macbook pro will it be the same as on my 20" iMac at home?

    Obviously I can only use 1 mail program at a time.

    See image*

    Thank you

    PS - please don't tell me about imap or gmail/hotmail. I like the way I am managing my email and I like that they are saved on my work desktop.

    27" iMac (work) - manually receive and remove from server
    20" iMac (home) - auto receive but leave message on server
    13" Macbook pro (travel) - auto receive but leave message on server
    iPhone - auto receive but leave on server / delete from server when deleted from iPhone (to manage spam)

    If I receive at work, then I loose the mail on all other devices. (thats ok)
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