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    Question iPhoto And Apple TV CONVERSION
    So I think there is a real fault in the iphoto software. I have a Canon Powershot SD750. The camera shoots video in AVI format and there is no way of changing it. So I've been uploading all my videos into my iPhoto right along with the photos for several years.

    So now I have recently bought an apple tv and I stream my photos Perfect, but obviously I can not stream the videos on my iphoto cause all the videos are in AVI format.

    I wish two things would happen:
    1. I wish that when I upload the videos into my iphoto, they would automatically convert into h.264 so that they can play on my ipad, iphone, or Apple TV.
    2. I wish there was a button I can press on iphoto so that all my videos can convert to h.264 so that they can play on iphone, ipad, and apple tv.

    Now, I have tried to find a way around this and downloaded this program called Video monkey, So that I can bulk convert videos. But there is an issue with this.

    1. The date and time when the video was taken is lost. ( I can change this in iphoto but its annoying especially for some many videos)
    2. In some videos, the sound is lost when you convert the file. ( can't find a way around this.)

    I want to know if there is any program that can do this and I am willing to pay for software to make my life easier.

    PS. I believe that if we send enough iphoto feedback at Apple - Feedback, that apple might just fix the problem.
    (I am running the latest version of iphoto and have a macbook pro 15 that I bought in august.)

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    Handbrake could do all this and its free.
    I use HB to convert ALL my movies into .m4v so i can watch them on my ATV2.

    I set up cues and leave it be. Usually over night then i wake and there all done.
    Now with the help of HB and maybe Automator you could set up a work flow so that when the Canon imports them to iPhoto, it will detect this and set the WorkFlow in action so it will all happen automatically as you wish it would .....

    Ill try look into Automator to see if there is a way, and in the mean time McYukon might pop in and let us know if its possible ... (he is the Automator guru)


    EDIT : Have a look at this as it will give you a idea on how to achieve what you want
    Setting up an automated workflow to convert files for Apple TV on OS X
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