Hi All, i'm new here.

I'm a new apple user so i'm sorry if i'm making any mistake. The problem is with iTunes. I have a 46Gb library im my network server, witch i can access and map in my finder without any problem. The problem is when i add to my lib without copying to local disc. iTunes looks like crashed, but isn't. After 25 hours, they come back working. The problem it's that iTunes stay in "Abalysing song 1357 of 4568", for example....and this 'analysing' is watch almost crash and lock my itunes. If i add this same library but in local disc, this proccess is a lot faster, but the problem isn't in my network. I have another computers using windows and i can map and use this library using winamp without any problem or delay analysing songs. Also, i can copy/delete/rename large or small files on this server using my mac, the same with iTunes problem.

So my question is: there is any way to disable this "Analysing song..." in iTunes? I have all kind of analysys in configuration disabled (song volume, for example). Everytime that i need to add a big folder to my mp3 library i must wait for a longgggg time.