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    The Sims 2 "Quit Unexpectedly"
    I had the Sims 2 and the Sims 2 Nightlife installed on my computer once before, and it worked fine. I accidentally deleted it, and I cant get it to reinstall! I have tried many times, even made a new user account and tried it. I have plenty of hard drive space, and have installed so many patches I don't even know how many! The game opens, and as soon as you click on a neighborhood, and try to play it says the game quit unexpectedly and you can relaunch, send report, etc. Is there a program that blocks full installation of the game or gameplay? Im so frustrated! I know It should be able to work!Please help!

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    Did you use the built in uninstaller or just delete it? If you didn't use the uninstaller I would do that. If not, sounds like a game issue, not an OS issue. I would contact EA at - Help - Home
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    there is no uninstaller for this game

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