Hope everyone had a Happy New Year!

I've been trying to figure out how to recording streaming video from

My TV >> CNBC-TV18 LIVE streaming >> TV on Demand

since a family friend was in a contest that has been broadcast on this station.

Below are the steps taken

1. Download Firefox browser

2. Install Video DownloadHelper at


3. At 7:30 AM go to My TV >> CNBC-TV18 LIVE streaming >> TV on Demand

4. Start recording the video by saving it to Desktop. However, the Downloads pop-up only says "Starting"

5. At 8:00 AM when the program is finished, shut down the Firefox browser. Now the Download says it will take 9 hours to download something that is 1 GB (around 20 KB per second). However my usual download speed 7 MB per second.

6. While in the middle of download I am able to open the .flv file using VLC media player (VideoLAN - VLC media player for Mac OS X)

7. When I open the .flv file, it shows broadcast from 8:02 AM, rather than 7:30 AM

What am I doing wrong? I have been attempting to download the streaming media of this show yesterday morning, and today morning. I only have two more chances left, as the show will repeat again next Saturday and Sunday.

Will appreciate any guidance.

Thank you