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    Taking pics from facebook for my Iphoto book
    I am trying to make an Iphoto book, but have lost some of my original pictures when my hard drive crashed a few months ago. The pictures are also not on my camera memory card anymore. I'm trying to take some pictures from facebook and put them into the photo book, but it's not working. I can get the pictures from facebook to Iphoto, however when I am in the screen viewing my photo book, these pictures are not available to be selected for the book.
    Is anyone aware of a way I can get these pictures in my book??


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    Drag them from your Facebook page to your desktop, and then import them into iPhoto.
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    Thanks, but that doesn't work either. I have no problems getting the pictures into Iphoto, but for some reason they aren't available to be put into the photo book. I can view the photos in my events screen, but not in the photo book area.

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