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    new imac won't recognize older flt. sim yoke
    i have a new imac. i plugged in my older ch products flt sim yoke and imac did not find it. i have no soft ware for it. ch products web site says apple the new os x program needs a driver from apple. i can't find one to down load. i want to run x plane 9, but need to use this yoke. any suggestions?

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    It looks like most, if not all of the newer CH yokes and joysticks are plug n play for Windows. Without a driver, you're out of luck.

    Which version of X Plane do you have? You might be able to switch the license to Windows and then install XP using Boot Camp on your new iMac. The yoke will work that way. Or buy another yoke, one that's compatible with Snow Leopard. The X Plane forums and site have a list of which joysticks and yokes are compatible.

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