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    Linking Allegro to Xcode
    Hello all, I have been programming c++ for a while now using xcode, and I have to say, the environment is just good looking at easy to use. My problem is that I am looking to use the Allegro library in Xcode. (Allegro - Introduction)

    For those familiar with Xcode, when you choose the option File>New Project, you are taken to another window which lists the possibly templates for projects that you can use in your new project. My question is, how do I get the Allegro template to show up...I have been searching for the past three days, various hours each day, but have come up with nothing. I am aware how to install Allegro to the system through terminal commands, there are many tutorials out on how to do that. I just don't understand how to link the Allegro (which is now on my system, done through terminal) to Xcode...If anyone could help with this that would be great, I turned to this forum as my first solid option for support.
    Thanks, Ryan

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    I'm not familiar with Allegro but it looks to be a cross-platform solution and it may therefore not come with an Xcode template. This wiki page though shows you how to set up Xcode to link to Allegro in your project.
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    Okay, I'll give that a shot! Thanks for the quick reply.


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    Thanks for the reference that helped me understand what I was trying to accomplish. I figured it out fully by using this guide, (Install Allegro5 From SVN - Allegro Wiki)
    all you need to do is install cmake, the rest is done in terminal
    this is very easy, and I hope that others can see this so they know that getting this process working is not as difficult as it seems

    Thanks for the support,

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