I want to switch completely from Firefox to Safari (for a few reasons) but there is really one thing stopping me: selective control over individual cookies at site request time.

I need this for a few reasons (I won't get into it right now) and using the Safari option of Only from Sites I visit is insufficient. This and other options are located at Safari -> Preferences -> Security

I am looking for an option similar to Firefox's Accept third party cookies: Keep Until: ask me every time. In Firefox these options are located at Firefox -> Preferences -> Privacy.

I searched through Pimp My Safari but was unable to locate anything matching what I am looking for (at least in the descriptions, anyway).

I am able to settle on Firefox for things like Firebug and have already gotten everything I need for RSS feeds and whatnot. This is really the only thing holding me back from switching completely.

Any suggestions/help are appreciated.

If nothing is out there I guess I will just have to write my own plugin.