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Thread: iDVD concern

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    iDVD concern
    I am a bit new to macs, and am running into some trouble here with a project. I have been comissioned to make a 100 picture DVD slideshow for a wedding. There are like 4 different sections in the show, and each section has its own songs that go with them. Can I make a 100 pic show? And also, is there a way I can get advanced control over audio that accompanies the slides? Would it be easier just to use finalcut instead of iDVD?

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    You can easily make a 100 picture show. I have made DVD's with about 500 pictures in 5 different chapters with no issues.

    I suggest making the slideshow in iPhoto5 and then exporting it to iDVD because it is much easier to move all of the pictures around in iPhoto to go with the music than it is in iDVD
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    If you want more control over the audio for the slides, I'd suggest building the slideshow without music in iPhoto, the export that as a quicktime mov, import that in iMovie and add music there...

    In imovie you can edit music fadeovers etc much better than in iPhoto.

    You could theoretically build the entire slideshow in iMovie, but it's more work than in iPhoto.

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