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Thread: How to move my iTunes library from Windows PC to new Mac

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    Question How to move my iTunes library from Windows PC to new Mac
    I have been using a PC running Microsoft Windows 7 64 bit for the last 12 months or so. I have now purchased a Mac. I want to move my iTunes library from the PC to the Mac.
    The PC setup is running the latest version of iTunes for Windows, however, the music etc. is not stored in the default location, instead it is stored on an external HDD (it's approximately 545GB, so too large to have on the internal HDD as I only have around 400GB of free space).
    Anyone know the best/easiest way to make the switch and in doing so maintain all my playlists etc.?

    So, what I have done so far to try to achieve this is:
    I have my Windows PC with it's NTFS formatted external HDD containing the music etc.
    I have my Mac with a new external HDD formatted in Mac OS Extended (Journaled).

    On the Windows PC:
    * I opened up iTunes.
    * Went into Preferences, and then under the Advanced tab I checked both 'Keep iTunes Media Folder Organised' and 'Copy files to iTunes Media folder when adding to library', so that all the files would be in the main iTunes Media folder when I copy it over.
    * Then File, Library, Organise Library and ticked the 'Consolidate Files' so that it moves any files that aren't in the right folder.

    Next I copied the files over. So I copied the updated media folder from the NTFS (Windows) external HDD onto the Mac external HDD.
    And I copied the files from in My Documents/Music/iTunes on the Windows PC to User/Music on the Mac.

    But this doesn't seem to have done it.

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    This link explains things pretty well
    How to Point Itunes To An External Hard Drive |

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    Quote Originally Posted by 6string View Post
    This link explains things pretty well
    How to Point Itunes To An External Hard Drive |
    I assume your refering to Step 4:

    "Once you have Itunes pointed to your external hard drive this is where it gets a little tricky.

    Normally most people would think that you drag and drop your music to your external hard drive and Itunes would recognize it, but that is not the case. If you do it that way you run the risk of not being able to play the music or Itunes will make duplicates of all your data.

    The best way to do it is to point Itunes to that external hard drive and then open up Itunes and drag your complete library into Itunes and not your external. Trust me I spent hours ripping my hair out to get almost a terabytes worth of data to not duplicate and play.

    Read more: How to Point Itunes To An External Hard Drive |"

    That only moves the songs into iTunes on the Mac. It doesn't seem to transfer over my playlists etc.

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    With iTunes 10, you could put both computers on the same network, activate home sharing, and move the files to the new computer all in iTunes. Here's how: Apple - iTunes - Inside iTunes - Use iTunes 10 Home Sharing With the New Apple TV

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