I've posted the same questions on mac rumors but no one answers over there so i'll post it here

I've just purchased an Macbook Pro, very very happy with it. Working on it for 3 days now. I'm getting used to it very quickly and I'll never go back to Windows ever again. (Except bootcamp gaming) There are some little things that still arnt working for me so i'm asking you for your help.

Macbook Pro 17" unibody 2010 model
Mac OSX Snow Leopard 10.6.5
2.66 GHz Core i7
4 GB 1067 Mhz DDR3
NVIDIA Geforce 3300M 512MB
500 GB 7200 rpm hdd

Here are my questions:
- I'm a big fan of uTorrent but i can't get Growl working with it, i've googled this and there should be an option in preferences but i can't find anything..
- With mail, i can't get a overview of conversations.. with my iPad this is easy to-do but on my macbook i can't find it..
- I can't get user pictures working in nimbuzz with WLM users.
- In safari, when i have the mouse on a flash movie, game or anything else that's flash, i can't scroll... This should be fixed in flash 10.1 but it just doesn't work..

If you've got an answer on any of my questions, please mention it.
Thanks in advance