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    iTunes floating window
    Maybe this question was already revealed, but anyway.. in iTunes 10 if you click on the cover of currently playing track it will open a window with that cover and a kind of panel like Quick Time X Player. Then if you point at that window a header will appear and a floating control panel. And finally, if you remove the cursor away - the only cover will remain.. it will stay on the top of other windows, even if iTunes is minimized.
    so the question - is there a kind of script or something that will make this windows open every time on iTunes startup?

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    Bowtie is an application that lets you control your songs from your desktop. You can apply different themes/skins to Bowtie and some of them show the current album artwork. Here is a link if you are interested: Bowtie
    - Kyle

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    thanks a lot, I'll use this)

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