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    Using automator over LAN to a PC
    Okay, I'm not saying I have done this yet, but would treasure some advice on the possibility of this. What I have going on my macbook so far is that when I run the Automator custom application "launch server", it "cd's" to my Minecraft server.jar file in Terminal and enters some line of symbols that launches it. So far so good.

    So it turns out that if I try to run this server for Minecraft and join in (launch the game Minecraft as well), it's too much for my poor old Macbook to handle. So I find my old pc that still has 2gb of RAM on it and think to myself, why don't I run the server off this?

    So I'm about to get that old brick up and running, install xp etc, when I realised, wouldn't it be cool if, somehow, I could turn on the server from my macbook? that way i could start the server 1 click from automator from the dock, rather than go to the desktop, turn on the monitor, find server file, launch it etc.

    Yes, sounds lazy, but I'd think it'd be pretty awesome if this is possible. So forum, my question is, IS THIS POSSIBLE!?

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