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    Updating old version of itunes
    Funny problem here-

    Because of a hardware problem, I have installed a new hard drive and am now re-installing Tiger and trying to update everything to where it was before I had the trouble (did not have a complete backup).

    Anyways, things seem to be going smoothly except that Software Updater will not update itunes, leaves it at the very old version 4.0... But I think I was up to version 8 or something... where can I find the old updates for Tiger... tried downloading current version 10 and it needs leopard which I do not have.

    Plugging my iPod in gives me error messages, "your iTunes version is too old..."

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    Chances are the real solution to this problem will be to locate, buy and install a retail copy of Leopard (or Snow Leopard if you have an Intel Mac, you didn't say) and then update your Apple Software accordingly.

    But on Apple's web site for iTunes is a link for people with older versions of the OS:

    Screen shot 2010-12-20 at 1.14.57 AM.png

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