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    Greetings all - the last unresolved issue in my switch is the location of a web design product similar to the one I used on the PC platform. Over the years, I have designed, built, and maintained many professional and business-to-business sites using progressing versions of NetObjects Fusion, which was perfect for my (low!) skill level. It's pagemaker-like interface allowed me to design pages visually without requiring me to write or tweak raw code. Add-on modules let me add functionality. iWeb is too simplistic; Dreamweaver sounds like it's over my head. Can anyone point me toward a product I can run on my new iMac that runs like NetObjects? Your feedback greatly appreciated.

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    I would definitely recommend downloading the trial of Dreamweaver first - It is actually easier to use than it sounds. You have the option to: write pure code, have it write code for you with you selecting everything or a combo of both.

    Click below to see a screenshot of it.
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    Agreed. Dreamweaver is an excellent choice. I once thought, like you, it'd be way to complex for me, but it's actually not. It's really intuitive, it integrates well with the rest of Creative Suite (and when you're dealing with Flash that's important).

    Plus, because it's a much used program, there's loads of help around: here on Mac Forums, on the Adobe Forums, on the Dreamweaver Facebook Page, on Adobe TV etc.
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