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    Question Applecare and Emulators... Happily ever after?
    hey guys, I have been thinking about downloading an emulator on my mbp to play all the super nintendo games we all love and miss... the only thing that has stopped me is the following: will downloading an emulator void applecare extended protection/any of the apple warranties?

    thanks for your help!

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    No, it won't void your AppleCare

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    15" MacBook Pro 2.7 GHz Quad i7, 16GB | 27" iMac 3.1 GHz Quad i5 12GB|OS X.11.1 | iPhone 4 iOS 7.1.2 pretty sure no software you install will void your warranty....firmware & hardware is a different story
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    okay thank you guys i just need to be sure.. haha!

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    Let's clarify this a little bit ... as a former Apple Genius (and still pretty darn smart) ... broadly speaking your software is your business BUT ... if Apple believes the software you have installed CAUSED an AppleCare issue, they have the option to refuse service.

    This is very rare, of course, but I've seen it happen.

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