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    Mac games that are playable with PC players?
    I'm planning to buy an iBook REALLY soon (only waiting to get a response for a student line-of-credit, then I order it ). This will be the first mac I own, and the only mac in the household. I'm buying it mostly for school, but it will also replace this old P3 733mhz computer, so I also plan to install a few games on it.

    My two brothers have PCs, and they play quite a few games. I only play multiplayer games, and usually those my brothers play, because it's so much funner when you play with people you know. I thought of playing WoW, when either one of brothers isn't playing (yet each have an account), and also Rainbow Six. But I just googled rainbow six: raven shield, and it's only compatible with other mac users.

    Do you guys have any other suggestions on games that I could play with my brothers (PC users)? Mostly interested in FPS games, but any multiplayer game is good.

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    I play Medal of Honor and Call of Duty with my roommate on the LAN.

    He has a Pentium 4 3.0GHz 4GB Ram 9800XT Pro, Audigy, and on and on.

    Sure is fun, and we keep tabs for who has to buy who Whataburger.

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    I just play singleplayer Call of Duty, Ages of Empires 2, and Doom3. The problem with Mac gaming is the games are all older pc games with a higher price. I feel too nerdy LANing with people, I just play by myself, sometimes against downloaded bots

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    StarCraft....its an oldy but a goody
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    I think I'll try Medal of Honor, and Call of duty...

    Maybe Starcraft on those rainy days, but I need a game that I can just jump into, and stop playing when I need to (school breaks :p)

    Thanks or the suggestions guys.

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    Unreal Tournament 2004 will play between PC and Mac.
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    "Minimum System Requirements: Macintosh 933MHz/G4-G5 or faster processor, Mac OS X v10.2.8 or higher, 256MB RAM, 32MB AGP Video Card, DVD Drive, 6GB hard disk space. Internet or LAN connection required for online play."

    I guess that would run fine on a new iBook?

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    quake 3 and enemy territory (Free so it automatically rules)
    new vid 8/8/05

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    World of Warcraft

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