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    Unhappy Help with address book
    I bought my iMac from a friend. Therefore I have all his old addresses in my address book. I have been unable to delete these. Please can someone talk me through the delete addresses procedure. A million thanks if someone can help. I'm desperate!!

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    What happens when you try to delete them?
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    Address books
    I hope this is answering the thread about address books, I'm finding this difficult to access. When I try to delete the addresses, nothing happens, I've tried File, Edit, pressing the delete button, you name it I've done it - nothing happens!!

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    So, if you highlight a contact, go to edit in the menu bar, and select delete card, nothing happens?

    I am suspecting a permissions problem.

    Personally, I would erase the HD, reinstall OS X, and not have anything of your friends' on the iMac.

    Otherwise, at least create a new admin account and delete his/her account.

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