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    limewire playlist in iTunes
    anyone know how to turn that off? I legally purchased a CD and the disc is in my car. my brother is borrowing the car for the week so i want to download the songs so i can listen to the cd. everytime i download a song limewire creates a playlist in my iTunes. i keep deleting the playlist but it keeps coming back every song. anyone know how to stop this ? its really annoying i am particular about my music and dont want that stupid playlist there! haha thanks!

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    i go into preferences of limewire and choose whatever option it is so that it does not immediately import to iTunes.....import them yourself and you should not get that playlist

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    Even if you purchased the CD it is still illegal to download it. When you purchase a CD you are purchasing a license for the CD and the rights to import it to your computer, not the right to download somebody elses copy of the CD
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