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    I popped into the apple shop and asked wether you could get a discount for the Office for a MAC version 2011 but was told I would have to pay the full price of 109 even though I am a student.

    I am sure that you can get a discount but wondered if others knew any more information about this

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    That would be the price. And why that version is titled:

    "Microsoft Office for Mac - Home and Student 2011".

    Only way you're getting it much cheaper than retail is if you are enrolled at an institution that has made a deal with MS to offer educational versions. Here in the U.S. It's only $30 cheaper for it's students, if you can find it. Although, some schools I think finance it for the staff, as my wife can get it for $10 at the university where she works.
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    Actually the price is completely dependent on the contract the school has with MS. For example, I got the full version of Office 2011 included Outlook for about $40.

    Check with your school to see what they have available.
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