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    Registry and Junk Cleaning Apps
    Responses to my help request have been terrific. Many thanks. As I continue to climb the learning curve I note some crap popping up ("Congratulations, You Are the Millionth Sucker to Visit this Site"). In the past on my PC I'd use CCleaner and another app to clear the adware. Can anyone recommend an effect registry and crap cleaner for the Mac?

    Again, thanks for the help.

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    Mac's do not have a registry. You can use something like OnyX for maintenance and such:

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    ^^ Spot on!

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    You do not require a cleaner of any sort due to seeing an ad such as that on a web page. There has been nothing installed on your Mac simply by going to a web site with such an ad and therefore, no need to clean anything.

    If you're clicking on those type of links, some of them may auto download some piece of junk. If you haven't changed the default location, it will go into your downloads folder. But, you'll notice it will be a .exe application. It can not open nor run itself in OS X. You can simply open the downloads folder and delete it. No cleaning app necessary for that.
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