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    Photoshop woes after 10.6.5 update
    So i've posted on both apple's and adobe's forum for help, but no suggestions worked.

    Issue: - Photoshop is taking up huge amounts of CPU (over 100%) working on little file.
    -Changes are not showing up in the window, but I can see the thumbnails changing.
    -If i zoom in and out 5 or six times, the changes show up in the main window, (but I can't work like that)
    -It started happening after the 10.6.5 update.

    Things i've done (that I can remember)
    -reinstalled combo update (twice)
    -Cleared font cache (multiple times)
    -reset photoshop (multiple times)
    -ran disk utility, Onyx, hardware thing on disk etc. (pretty much every kind of normal trouble shooting tool I know about) -I've been working on macs since 1994...
    -I made sure there were no duplicate fonts with Font book. and manually deleted fonts I did not use or thought might be causing issues.
    -I had no plug-ins in photoshop at all
    -no waccom tablet or similar. Only use magic mouse.

    My machine is a unibody late 2008 macbook with 6gb ram and a 3.06 processor. So memory or processor speed should not be an issue.

    so i'm open to all suggestions. Only photoshop is messed up as far as I can tell and it started happening since the 10.6.5 update.



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    Have you tried dropping back to 10.6.4?
    There was an update pushed recently of PS5 - what version of PS are you using?

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