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    Something about "Mail" that buggs me...
    This may be stupid but one thing that bugs me about Mail is what happens when I delete a message.

    I like to list my inbox with the newest mail at the top. I prefer to read my newest message and then either go to the next one or delete it if I don't need it anymore. However....say I keep the first message in the list and go to the second. If I delete the second message then the selected message defaults up the list instead of down so I have to physically select the next message every time in order to keep from trashing a message that I want to keep.

    I don't know...maybe I can try to get used to viewing my mail with the oldest at the just seems to me that every other mail client I've used before does it the "right" way around.

    Any fix for this without changing mail clients?

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    Do it the way that I do.. sort from newest to oldest like you want to, then when checking your email.. go to the bottom of the new email.. so the oldest of the "new" email and then read your mail that way.. that actually is the only logical way of doing it since you do not want to read your newest "new" mail first since you could have several emails from the same person and you would be reading them out of order.

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    acutally, here is the best idea: don't use imail. i was overly excited to set up my g-mail account on my mac, but found myself disappointed upon discovering its inferiority to g-mail's interface. screw imail, go with g-mail. anyone that wants an invite can hit me up.

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    Its just 'mail' or '' not imail... just to clear things up

    I personally dont really like Gmail's interface much, plus mail lets me manage multiple accounts and I can compose messages offline too!

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