I'm trying to modify some .apk files on my Android device, but am running into some snags. I previously used BetterZip to make the changes, but cannot justify the $25 license cost for a program that I will use sparingly.

I know Mac OS-X has a built-in archive utility, which works, except the hidden files (.DS_Store and .Trashes) that Mac adds to the zip file, which when the .apk file is called by the Android OS, it blows up when it sees those hidden files.

I did some google searching, found a line of text to enter into Terminal to stop the production of the .ds_store files on network drives, and I am currently looking at macupdate.com for mac apps to also delete these files. So far, nothing has worked, and my Android device will not accept these modified .apk's.

Can anybody give me some suggestions on what to do here?