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    Diablo 2 on OSX SL 10.6.5, i know it works, but how?
    First post!

    Still trying to get Diablo 2 and LoD to install/work properly on one of my machines.

    The machine is a 24" imac 2.4ghz
    Following a rough guide from a sucessful friend, my process was.
    1. Ditch original cd, download authorized client from after registration.
    2. Install Diablo 2 from downloaded client.
    3. Install LoD expansion from downloaded client.
    4. Patch with patch 1.13 (or latest)
    5. Hold Option while launching to select video options

    Upon launching, you see the icon bounce once, then fade, and crash, no error report.

    Have i missed something? has anyone been sucessful with installing from client to SL 10.6.5?
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    My first question is...your title says "I know it works, but how?". How do you know it works on an Intel Mac running a version of OS 10.6?

    Assuming it does work (I haven't tried to install Diablo 2 on any of my Intel Mac's...I have too many older G4 & G5 Mac's where Diablo 2 runs fine)...try installing "Rosetta". It's a program that allows older PPC applications to run on an Intel Mac with OS 10.6. Rosetta is not a default install of 10.6....but it is on the 10.6 install do it as an optional install.


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