First of all, i'm new here, so forgive me if i post this in the wrong place or if there is an answer to my question somewhere in the forum (i searched but didn't find).
Please note that i'm not a computer or a network or a programing expert!

The thing is: i have a thomsom tg784 router that has a usb port which can be used to share a (FAT32) external drive.
I've connected to it a pen just to make a few experiments.
After a few efforts, my MBpro finally found the shared folders and then i copied a few music files into them.
When i thought that i had "discovered gunpower", my itunes refused to read the music files on the shared folders. Actually, itunes just gets locked and stops to respond.
I am missing something?
I can read and write files with the finder, so i have access to the folders (or to the drive, if you will).
Is there an issue with itunes regarding shared folders?
I've been search the net for an answer all day, but failed to find anything similar.
Can anyone help?
Thank you veeeeeery much!

Cheers from Portugal!

EDIT: after a loooong wait (while i wrote this post) itunes started to respond and the files were added to the library (while remaining in the shared drive). Is this normal? This happened with only a music album... I can't imagine what will happen if i do this (as i intend) with my itunes library.
Well... I guess i answered my own question...