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    Mail issue (not gmail)
    Recently, my mail program has decided to keep asking me for my password. I use AOL (yeah yeah I know lol had it for ever) mail, I'm just wondering why this would happen all of the sudden, when honestly this just never occurred. Even the hubby isn't sure and he's pretty knowledgeable about Mac issues. I thought maybe it was happening because I was using my iPad for things and the mail got confused I just dont know. Its jumping like crazy on my dock as I type this and I keep typing in my password, and it's correct, but after about a minute it just asks me again.

    So yeah just wondering, has this happened to anyone else ... or is this just an aol server side issue? Thank you for any help
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    Besides advising you to get rid of AOL and change email providers, what I think may have happened is that your keychain may be messed up.

    Open your keychain from Applications, Utilities. Click on Category, All Items. Your mail and airport items should appear. Highlight each mail item, right click, and press delete.

    Now go back to Mail, Preferences, Accounts, Account Information, and fill in your password again. You might also have to fill in the AOL info again so before you delete anything from keychain access, make sure you copy all the address info from mail to a safe location. (write it down somewhere)

    Let us know if that works.

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