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    Mobile Me - Mail *Junk*
    Can someone please tell me how to delete "Junk Mail" from my dotmac (Mobile Me) account *without opening emails? Drag & Drop (several emails at once) to the Trash doesn't seem to work? Mind you this is while logged into my account on the website and not via my Mail App.

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    Would "don't do that" be seen as flippant?

    But seriously, why not just use Mail, on which you CAN select and drag emails to trash without opening them, PLUS you have the ability to "train" it to delete these emails (well, move them to Junk) without you even having to do anything?

    However, in the name of trying to provide a complete answer, I logged into my MM account via the browser, and found that if I selected an email and then VERY QUICKLY selected another, they would both be selected before opening and I could then select others (command key + click) at my leisure. Once all the unwanted messages were selected, I just press the "trash" button at the time. Done.

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