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    virtual machine resource allocation.
    hey everyone,

    i just wanted to get some opinions on what u guys think is optimal to dedicate to a virtual machine.

    I'm currently using VMWare running windows 7 as a virtual machine. I don't do much on windows but I do use it from time to time to run specific applications.

    I have the core 2 duo processor and 8gb of ram. Currently i have it at 1 core dedicated to the VM and 3gb of memory. do u guys think that's enough? should I make it 4gb or ram?

    what's going to give me the best performance? I tend to use both operating system simultaneously....using "spaces" one for the Mac OS..and the 2nd space for the Windows 7 VM.

    thanks in advance for the advice, responses, feedback, suggestions! =)

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    That's plenty of memory to dedicate to the VM. Actually, Win 7 in a VM will run fine with 2 GB. Besides, if you should ever run low you'll get a warning from Fusion and it'll start re-allocating "virtual memory" (increasing the swap file).

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