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    Footnotes at end of document (Word, Office 2008)

    I'm trying to display all of my footnotes at the end of the document, all on one page, as opposed to at the bottom of each page. Is this possible? I have heard that you can print all of the footnotes at the end of the document but I'd like to have them arranged as such during editing.

    Any form of help would be much appreciated,

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    I don't think it can be done without more work than it's worth. The Word 2008 help states that footnotes and endnotes can be copied or moved. So I assume you could copy or move each footnote to the end of the document where you could batch edit them. When working with large documents that contain numerous footnotes, it would add a lot of time to proofing and editing. Besides, wouldn't you normally want to edit the footnote and original reference on the page where it is located?

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