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    Adobe CS5 MacBook Pro Running slower
    So i just installed Adobe CS5 standard edition, so it was only InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator, as well a Bridge, on my MacBook Pro. It is not an super old Mac I got it in July of 2009. I don't have any other extensive application installed except for Microsoft Office 2008. It's safe to say my mac is pretty clean for the most part, not much on it. I am running on 2GB Ram and have storage availability for 30.79GB, so its not super full either. Anyway, I just installed the CS5 and EVERYTHING has slowed down immensely. Which I knew would happen a little with any new software taking up more space and using more of the memory. But whats the worse is the CS5 programs are running extremely slow. I was using the animation panel in Photoshop and it was very glitchy and would not play at the speed I had the frames set to, it was stopping more than it should. Anyway, i hope I've given enough background to the issue, I just want to know if there is anything I need to get or do differently to help make everything keep running just as smoothly. Thank you for any help!

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    30GB of available storage is not very much to have left on your machine. What's the overall storage capacity of the Hard Drive? CS5 photoshop for example is designated 70% of available memory in order to run. Thats approx 1.4gb of your available 2gb. I would suggest transfering all your folders, etc onto an external portable HDD and leave your internal HDD just for applications and native OsX storage. If you can upgrade to 4gb of ram, even better, as this will speed up your machine alot when using any of the CS5 programs.

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