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    Xvid codec did this, now how to get rid of it?

    Ever since I installed the xvid codec, I saw my dock doing things like this. I just want to get rid of it and hopefully get things back to normal. Do you guys know how to accomplish this? (OSX 10.5.8)

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    Doings things like what exactly?

    It's obvious you have a custom dock of some kind..... what's not working/different?

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    I can see that the Firefox window, as well as at least one other, extends down past the level of the top of the dock, and the Dock is appearing over the windows. If Dock hiding is turned on, I believe this would be normal, but if hiding is not on, I think something would be amiss. How to fix it if hiding is not on...I have no clue, but I think I can see what th OP is having an issue with.

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