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    Unhappy Safari HELP???!!!
    Okay, so I opened and closed my Safari Browser for 2 whole days now (We have both safari and firefox, but the computer is shared, so i use one, she uses the other) and it keeps looking funny. Whenever I scroll down, the toolbars and the tabs disappear, and the bookmarks toolbar is white, with no bookmarks... I want to fix this. First the bookmarks toolbar is white, then it blends in with the page, and I can't even see the entire webpage because the toolbar is messed up so the scrolling is messed up too. I did get a toolbar for safari, it's a conduit toolbar. Do you think i should just uninstall that and re-install it? and how do you take off extensions that are on your safari that don't work?

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    Safari Menu>Preferences>Extensions tab.
    Choose the extension you want to uninstall and click the Uninstall button.
    Sounds like an add on or extension.

    Personally, I would Remove Safari using AppCleaner, and then download it again if removing the extension fails to resolve it.
    Keep in mind that this will remove all your bookmarks as well, so you'll want to go to user library>safari and save a copy of your bookmarks.plst to your desktop, and when applcleaner selects it, be sure to uncheck it before deleting Safari and all the files appcleaner finds.

    For the Safari Download, go to Apple - Safari - Download the world?s most innovative browser. using firefox once you are done.

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    I would strongly recommend that you both stop using the same account. She gets an account, you get an account.

    Problem solved forever.

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