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    Quicktime Movie Help
    Ok folks this may be easy or not I don't know, but I'm going nuts.
    Let's start with my working conditions. I have a 500 mhz Powerbook with 512 ram. I own a T1 Cybershot Digital Camera.

    Now the problem. I have a video that I recorded on my camera, but it came out rather dark. Now I noticed by going into the camera I illuminated the LCD and it looks much better. In fact a whole lot better. Now I'd like to import the LCD brighted movie, but it seems to only have the dark one. Now I was wonder if you could do any brightness modifications using any software. I've looked through quicktime, I have IMovie HD, Final Cut Pro, iVCD, name it I probably have it. I just need to make my movie brighter throughout the entire film. Any help would be much appreciated.

    And yes I still have the Video on my camera, it is not a pre existing file only.

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    I am not sure how to do this, but I believe that you can lighten up the video using Final cut.
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    You can do it in iMovie as well:

    Just go to effects and look for the 'brightness & contrast' effect. Play around with both silders until you get it looking the way you want and then select a clip and hit apply...

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    Well thank you for all your advice. I've tried with bot quicktime and imovie. I'm not to familer with the editing portion of each of these softwares. I really need to work with this... Hopefully I can work with the contrast and fix this..
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