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    CPU and RAM monitoring software
    I use programs like after effects and Cinema 4d and need to be able to monitor my RAM and CPU usage. On my PC I use rainmeter and PC wizard, but that doesn't work for mac.

    Preferably some small bar that I can place on the side of my desktop showing my RAM and CPU...GPU heat etc would be a + but not required.

    Any ideas?


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    There are several things you could do.

    iStat Plus Dashboard widget. Then turn on the Dashboard developer mode and put the widgets onto the desktop.
    iStat Pro, a Dashboard Widget by iSlayer
    10.4: Detach widgets from the Dashboard - Mac OS X Hints

    iStat Menus 3
    Bjango: stunning little iPhone apps

    iStat Menus 2 (Old free version) This may be the best option, it's free, sits in the menubar, is highly customizable, has temp, RAM, and CPU meters.
    Download free iStat Menus 2.0 for Mac
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    Great! Thank you sir. Will give them a try.

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