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Thread: Office 2008 font hard to read

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    Office 2008 font hard to read
    I have just installed Office 2008 on my brand new MacBook Pro and I am finding the fonts very hard to read. I have tried different fonts. It makes no difference.

    What I am seeing is stuff the two images attached. The first image is from Excel. 8s and Bs look identical. The second image is from Word. Text is cramped and inaccurately spaced.

    How can I change them to something more readable and accurate?

    Everything else works fine. It just seems to be a text issue in MS Office 2008.


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    I have no problem with fonts either in Office 2008 or the new Office 2011. Which font is being selected and have you tried using a different one?

    If you're trying to read an Excel sheet from Office for Windows in Office 2008 you may find that some of the fonts do not match. The same may also occur for Word documents. Another thing to watch for... is if you're using "Graph" or the "Equation Editor" some of the fonts may be different.

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