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Popsarmchair 11-26-2010 05:50 AM

Apple Mail and Gmail duplication
I use Apple Mail as my primary mail tool when in the office and Gmail when out and about. I have two email addresses; a work one which I access via Pop and a Gmail address for personal use. Both email addresses feed into Apple Mail and Gmail, so I can see everything.
My issue is that I am getting duplicate copies of my work emails appearing in Apple Mail. I know this is because I have the inbox set to receive incoming work emails directly from the Pop3 and also from Gmail. How can I stop the duplicates appearing in Apple Mail?
My constraints are:
I have tried, and hate, MobileMe (I know this would help)
I send emails only from Apple Mail, using both my work and personal email accounts
I want to continue to able to sent work emails directly from Apple Mail (I tried removing only the incoming mail server settings for the Pop3 account, so that I only got the work emails via Gmail, but it doesn't allow you to only have outgoing mail)
I don't want to only use Gmail and discard Apple Mail (I have years worth of emails and Smart mail Folders set up on Apple Mail, working just how I need it)
I couldn't see a way of disabling the forwarding of just the work emails from Gmail to Apple Mail

Sorry this is a bit convoluted, but the conditions are quite specific. I know you enjoy a challenge!

mrplow 11-26-2010 08:13 AM

Switch to IMAP rather than POP. That way changes are reflected back up to the server and duplicates shouldn't occur

Popsarmchair 11-26-2010 10:24 AM

Thanks MrPlow. Unfortunately access to my work email server only allows POP3, not IMAP (if that is what you were suggesting).

mrplow 11-26-2010 10:28 AM

With the constraints you've set yourself I don't se how this can be achieved. Maybe others will.

I'd suggest switching mail clients or using gmail within Applemail exclusively as I think both solutions would work. However you've already ruled these out as options.

Hopefully someone else will have an idea.... an Applescript to remove duplicates perhaps . . . .

skeets 08-20-2012 03:57 PM

Duplicate e-mails.
This same problem has been dogging me. Unfortunately, I don't have the answer. Please keep us posted.

I have one POP and one gmail IMAP account. I get duplicates of my POP address in my gmail box. Using Mail 4.5 with Snow Leopard 10.6.8. Going to Mountain Lion soon.

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