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    Toast complexities-help!
    I own the installation disc for Toast 5 Titanium.
    A few weeks back,I put the G4 in for a service,and among other things,the engineers installed Toast 6 for free-I didn't ask them to,but I wasn't arguing.
    Trouble is,CD Spindoctor v2 crashes continually,so I reinstalled my old version,1.5.1.
    Then I thought-I could DL the update to Toast 6 to 6.1.1 which might fix the crashing.So I did-only then I get prompted to register it(Toast)-it won't open unless I do.BUT I don't have the CD key,do I,since someone else installed it.So I can't get anywhere at all in Toast 6 now.I can get Spindoctor,which is good,but I'd quite like Toast as well.
    So I tried reinstalling Toast 5,but it won't open,presumably because it's defaulting to 6.I don't want to trash 6-because it wont be easy to get back without paying a lot of money.But I'd like to use Toast somehow.
    Any suggestions before I phone up Roxio at 1GBP per minute?
    G4 AGP Graphics OSX 10.3.9 768mb RAM

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    mate your either going to have to pay for Toast 6 or trash it and use 5 no other way round it unless you want to pirate it, in which case no one will help you with on here

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    Fair do's.I thought so.

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