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    Word for Mac 2011 - can't use Find
    I downloaded Word 2011 from my university software warehouse and installed it, then de-installed Word 2008. In Word 2011 the Find command doesn't activate. It appears in the Find menu, but when I click on it, the cursor disappears briefly and then reappears, with no Find dialog. The apple-F shortcut doesn't work either. Shift-and-replace doesn't work from the Find menu, but the shortcut shift-apple-R does. Also, in the Find menu the Advanced Find and Replace sub-command works.

    Any advice on this?

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    Try reinstalling Word and see if that fixes the problem.
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    Ah... the problem is that I didn't state the problem correctly. The find command works, but the find dialog box now takes up the entire left-hand column (hard to miss unless you're not looking for it) and has been completely reconfigured and reorganized. Along with a hundred other things. Completely unnecessary redesign. Now I have trouble finding things I need. But the worst of the worst: Word 2011 is no longer compatible with EndNote. This is a Thomson-Reuters problem, but I can't live without EndNote for scientific manuscript preparation, so I am de-installing 2011 and dropping back to 2004 (not 2008).

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