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    How do I increase dates incrementally in excel?

    I need to increase dates in excel incrementally by 14 days each time.

    I'm currently using this formula:


    It's kind of working in that it increases the date by 14 days (06/11/09 to 20/11/09 to 04/11/09). How do I get it to change the month as well without making it into a really long IF formula?

    Thanks for your help

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    Its very easy to do without using a formula.

    Put your first date in cell 1
    Put your second date in cell 2

    Make your second cell the date you want to increase by, so if you want to make each new cell the next day then in cell 1 you would have


    and in cell 2


    highlight both cells and then hover over the bottom right of the last cell and your cursor will change to a black + symbol

    Drag down the cells through the blank cells you want to auto fill.

    Excel will add a new date in each cell you drag through.

    It also works for things like days and other strings where there is a logical next value.

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