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    Counter Strike Mac
    Does anyone know if Valve is going to make a Mac edition of All the Counter Stikes? That would be off the chain if they did.

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    Yeah, I hope they do! I really would love to have cs for mac. Its a great game and doesn't require a top of the line comp to play. I tried using vpc to emulate it but that was ridiculously slow. Does anyone know of a better way to run it? I hope someone finds a way to port it!

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    Maybe when they make the Mactel boxes....

    Will take time though. Nothing has been planned by them, no official statements or any other reports around.

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    when do the mactels come out?

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    Summer 2006.

    When they're out, you'll basically be able to install Windows alongside OS X if you want, so then you could game all you want.

    An emulator like virtual PC could possibly also support games written for windows on the mactels.

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    sweet sounds good to me

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